iPhone X是一款失败的产品吗?英语读头条checkbox 选中事件
2018-03-13 18:11

The iPhone X Could See Its ‘End Of Life’ As Early As This Summer

iPhone X今年夏天可能就要退场了

iPhone X是一款失败的产品吗?英语读头条checkbox 选中事件

Ahead of the iPhone X’s launch, many had a lot of high hopes for the handset, and to be fair Apple did deliver on the rumors of a new design, the use of OLED display tech, and also the inclusion of a new form of security in Face ID. However it seems that it wasn’t exactly the runaway success that many had thought it would be.

在 iPhone X 的推出之前,许多人对这个手机抱有很大的期望。说句公平话,苹果确实也兑现了传说的新的设计,法制小报图片,使用了 OLED 显示屏技术,中年穿衣搭配,同时还加上了脸部识别的新的安全系统。然而,武汉17中教室门下载, iPhone X似乎并非像许多人想象的那样一炮而红的受欢迎。

runaway success:一举成名

Face ID:人脸识别

So much so that according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone X could be seeing its “end of life” in the summer of 2018. This is based on his recently issued investor’s note seen by AppleInsider, where Kuo claims that Apple might not be keeping the iPhone X around in the later part of 2018 or 2019, where it would serve as a cheaper alternative to 2018’s iPhones.

因此, 据KGI证券分析师郭明池说, iPhone X 可能在2018年夏天就到了它的 “生命尽头”。基于郭最近在AppleInsider发表的投资人笔记中声称,苹果可能在2018年晚些时候或2019就不再保留 iphone X了,而按照常理,具体而微的意思,这正是将它在2018年iphone换代时作为便宜的替代品的时间。

For those unfamiliar, whenever Apple announces a new iPhone, they usually keep the previous year’s model around where it will be priced lower than the new iPhones, thus providing customers with a cheaper alternative if they’re not fussed about having the latest technology. However Kuo’s report suggests that the iPhone X could be discontinued entirely where it will mark the first time in a long while that Apple has not retained the previous year’s model.

对于不熟悉的人来说做个解释,莫耶斯下课,每当苹果公司宣布一款新的 iphone 时,他们通常会把前一年的发行款保留下来而且其价位会比新 iphone 低,这样就能为对最新技术不那么在意的客户提供一个更便宜的替代品。但郭的报告表明,御龙在天名字,iPhone X可能会完全停止,御龙在天名字,这将标志着在很长世间以来的第一次,苹果没有保留前一年的发行款。

fuss about:计较; 斤斤; 无谓地紧张[忙乱]; 过分操心而使之不快;

retain:保存; 保持

However this is contingent on the iPhone X’s demand, where if ultimately the demand for the phone is less than expected, Apple could follow-through with this plan, so there is a chance that this might not happen at all. Of course none of this is official as it is just the predictions of an analyst, but Kuo has an exemplary record when it comes to Apple-related predictions, so perhaps there could be some truth to his claims.

然而, 这取决于 iPhone X 的需求,月半小夜曲粤语发音,如果最终对这款手机的需求低于预期,苹果可能会实行这个计划,所以有可能这个情况根本不会发生。当然, 这一切都不是官方的,因为这只是一个分析师的预测,车辆购置税纳税申报表,但在谈到与苹果相关的预测时,郭有一个堪称楷模的记录,tbl-001,所以他的说法也许有些真实性。

contingent:依情况而定的; 取决于…的;

exemplary:示范的; 典型的; 惩戒性的;

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iPhone X是一款失败的产品吗?英语读头条checkbox 选中事件